Our vision is a community where a safety net exists for all people, which includes adequate food, shelter, healthcare and employment.

In 2017, we served approximately 4000 households distributing nearly one million pounds of food. After 50 years of neighbors helping neighbors, this year, Fishline will move into a new building. Our new 15,000 square foot facility will include a grocery-store style market for those needing our food bank services on the first floor, and a Comprehensive Services Center (CSC) on the second floor which will bring together the best providers of basic human services under the same roof for the first time in Kitsap County.  Working cooperatively, our new CSC will address client issues at their root, helping clients move out of a need for services and onto stable lives.

We are currently hiring for the position(s) listed below. Click here to learn more about how to become a part of our volunteer team.

HomeShare/Alternative Housing Coordinator
Reports to: Client Services Manager
Resume and detailed cover letter due by December 14, 2018.

Fishline is seeking a part time HomeShare/Alternative Housing Coordinator. We are seeking a dynamic, self-motivated candidate who has a desire to make a difference in our community by securing housing for those experiencing housing instability or homelessness. This position will partner with community agencies, local churches, private individuals and county authorities to increase housing options in North Kitsap.

Requirements include the ability to work independently and possess strong interpersonal and mediation skills. Light computer skills and strong written communication skills are also needed. Experience with low-income housing populations desired. This position is paid at an hourly rate of $16-$18 per hour, 15-20 hours per week and includes mileage reimbursement.

Please send resume and a detailed cover letter explaining why you would like to be considered for the position to Mary Nader, Executive Director, by December 14, 2018 to Fishline at P.O. Box 1517, Poulsbo, WA 98370 or by email.

HomeShare/Alternative Housing Coordinator Job Description

NATURE OF WORK: The HomeShare/Alternative Housing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and implementing the HomeShare, Safe Park, and Alternative Housing Options Programs. Duties include working with public, governmental, private and religious organizations and landowners to explore and secure a spectrum of affordable housing options in the Fishline service area of North Kitsap County. These options include home sharing, boarding houses, RV parks, Transitory Accommodations (Tent Cities), and other unconventional housing.


Increase marketing and awareness about HomeShare program to invite more participation, especially from homeowners.

Identify and procure new Safe Park sites for families including those with teenage children.

Work with local non-profits and private land owners to find locations for transitory accommodations; work with local officials to assist with permitting and community consent processes.

Identify, procure and work with partners to acquire or build transitory accommodations, including RVs, Tiny Homes, shareable homes and tents.

Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual program activity and performance reports that include demographics, successes, and gaps with recommendations for strategic improvements to close gaps and increase successes.

Be the direct and immediate contact for any partners or sites with concerns and proactively monitor that the relationships are positive and rewarding for all involved. Refer any client related concerns to the Fishline Advocate and/or KCR Family Development Specialist for case management.

Network in the community to build relationships with property managers, private landowners, community organizations, churches, and elected representatives to find opportunities to partner in establishing housing options that include boarding houses, RV sites, and other housing options.

Work directly with home seekers and homeowners to facilitate successful HomeShare matches. Assist with completion of paperwork and maintain HomeShare database.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: Position reports to the Client Services Manager.

DESIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS OR ABILITIES: Ability to communicate clearly orally and in writing. Ability to initiate and maintain working relationships with a variety of persons including volunteers, representatives of government agencies, and local community service organizations. Ability to work productively with persons of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Ability to maintain accurate records and to prepare reports; must have strong sense of organization and be good with details. Ability to work independently and possess critical thinking and problem solving skills. Knowledge of and ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel. Knowledge of low income and housing and homelessness issues, current best practices, organizations, policy and laws. Mediation skills are a plus!