Transforming Regional Social Services

Comprehensive • Coordinated • Accessible

The Comprehensive Services Center will help clients and families develop self-sufficiency, stability, and life-long success.

The ultimate goal is to transform lives. Because we recognize that the most powerful transformation occurs from within, our services will provide opportunities, rooted in the community, to empower clients to create self-sufficiency, financial stability, and positive health outcomes that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Clients whose lives are in crisis often struggle to find the services they need to become stable again. When services are a patchwork, clients may solve one problem and then fall back into distress as other problems arise. This is especially true for the many clients who come to Fishline with multiple needs.

Traveling to Bremerton, where most human services in the County are located, is difficult for our clients. For those clients who do make the trip, they are required to consult with a variety of agencies, receive isolated services without coordination, and may never get to the root of their problems.

Fishline’s new Comprehensive Services Center will directly address this significant regional need. The new Center will bring together experts from the services most needed by our clients. Clients will be able to obtain these services in a familiar, trusted, and friendly environment that is easily accessible. Located on the major bus line connecting Poulsbo with the whole of North Kitsap, clients will have convenient access from Poulsbo, Kingston, Suquamish, Silverdale, Bainbridge Island, and the many rural areas surrounding these communities.

Clients will be offered comprehensive and coordinated services in a “one-stop” location supported by intensive case management. This holistic model is the only proven method for creating long-term stability. Case-management will follow a team-care approach with case staffing from all participating agencies. This coordinated approach improves client outcomes and reduces duplication of services.

Each client will work with their case manager to develop a comprehensive services plan that will focus on client strengths and guide them to stability and success. Case managers will actively assist clients to access partner services in health and mental health, employment, housing, education, life skills, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, and an array of other social services. Most services will be located on-site and transportation will be provided for off-site services. Client progress will be measured incrementally using team input and a sustainability scoring matrix. Every success will be celebrated and clients will be empowered to achieve life skills in areas of struggle.