The Fishline HomeShare program connects people who have space to rent in their home (Home Providers) with those in search of affordable housing (Home Seekers). Space in a home may be offered in exchange for rent, services, or a combination of both.

Home Providers typically need extra income, help with household tasks, or companionship and security, and are willing to offer space at an affordable rate. They can be single, a couple, or a family. Many Home Providers are seniors who want to age in place.

Home Seekers are often in need of affordable housing, or may simply prefer to live with others. Home Seekers are working adults, people with disabilities, students, seniors, and occasionally families with children.

Fishline’s HomeShare program empowers the community to address housing affordability by facilitating connections between people who can share a home for mutual benefit. We rigorously screen all applicants to the program by performing criminal background and reference checks, and conducting interviews to determine needs and preferences for shared living.

For more information, please contact Emily Klein, HomeShare coordinator, at (360) 229-2503, or

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