Kitsap County is in the midst of a housing crisis.  Housing costs are increasing faster than wages.  Rents are surging while wages are climbing slowly.  Once cost-effective RV parks are full, once affordable houses are being remodeled and rented for higher rates.  Both low-income and fully employed households are having a hard time paying their rent.

You can help, here are some ideas:

  • Do you have an extra room, would you like a bit of income for that space? HomeShare matches those with room in their homes with those that need cost-effective housing. Fill out a HomeShare Application and you will be connected with our facilitator who will work with you to find a compatible home sharing match among our program participants.
  • Are you willing to make some space available for an RV, tent, small geo dome or tiny home for an individual or family in transition under Kitsap County’s new Transitory Accommodation Ordinance?
  • Do you have an RV to donate for a family in need of transitional accommodations? A donated RV should: meet DMV inspection requirements, have a clean title, and be in good shape.
  • Support local shelters. Contact 211 for more information.
  • Encourage your church or non profit agency to host a Safe Park program.

For More Information about any of these programs contact the Fishline HomeShare Program at or (360) 229-2503