Do you have an extra room in your home that you’re considering renting out, or are you looking for a room to rent? If so, please consider becoming a Fishline HomeShare Program participant.

Shared housing offers companionship, affordable housing, security, mutual support and more. It is flexible and your arrangement can be based on rent, services, or a blend of rent and services. The Fishline HomeShare Program can help you find a suitable home share arrangement.

If you’re interested in participating in the Fishline HomeShare Program as either a housing provider or a housing seeker: Fill out a HomeShare Application and you’ll be connected with a HomeShare facilitator who will work with you to find a compatible home sharing match among our program participants.

HomeShare Program services include:

  • Develop a description of the physical space you want to share
  • Identify your needs and wants in the qualities and lifestyle of a roommate
  • Conduct background checks and verifications
  • Provide information and resources about living with roommates
  • Make pre-screened referrals to potential HomeShare matches

For More Information contact the Fishline HomeShare Program at or (360) 229-2503