Thank you for your interest in performing community service with North Kitsap Fishline!

We welcome community service volunteering whether for school, court, or fulfillment of another obligation. In fact, many volunteers love their experience so much that they stay on even after completing their community service! Here are a few things you need to know…

  • Plan in advance. Preparing new volunteers for their first day at Fishline may take a couple of weeks. Afterward, we are generally able to provide three hours per week. If you need twenty hours, expect that it may take a couple of months to complete that time depending on your availability, the needs of Fishline, and the training we require before placement.
  • Community Service Volunteers over the age of 18 need to attend a New Volunteer Orientation (which would count toward your hours). These volunteers may also need to participate in role-specific training, depending on the number of hours needing to be completed.
  • Student Volunteers: Volunteers who are students needing 10 hours or less do not need to attend a New Volunteer Orientation. Student volunteers generally work 4-7pm in the food market on Wednesday evenings.
  • Diversion Program: Youth who complete their community service as part of the court’s diversion program have special protections. They are not under any obligation to relay their diversion status to anyone other than the Volunteer Coordinator. They are eligible to receive recommendations for jobs, school, etc. as if they are regular volunteers.
  • Court-ordered Community Service: Due to the nature of our work, which includes working with vulnerable populations, youth, and with the general public, we are unable to host court-ordered service for those who have been convicted of a crime involving a victim. Community service opportunities for those who fall into this category are posted in the court house. If you are eligible to perform court-ordered community service with Fishline, you will need to complete an application, consent to a background check, and provide a copy of your photo ID and a copy of your Order of Probation (which states the infraction and that you were assigned community service).