I want to become a NK Fishline Volunteer. What are the next steps?

Please attend an orientation where you can learn more about current opportunities, go on a tour, and talk more with our Volunteer Coordinator. These are held the first and third Friday morning at 9am. You can find out our next orientation dates by visiting our Facebook page or calling our office. You can fill out an application beforehand or pick one up once you’re here.

Do you accept volunteers needing to perform community service?

Yes! Community service hours can be fulfilled here at Fishline. From Honors’ Society Students to those hoping to work off traffic infractions, we do our best to accommodate everyone. Please see our Community Service Guidelines fact sheet.

Do you accept volunteers who are under 18?

Yes! Please see our Youth Volunteer Guidelines.

Do you have short-term or summer volunteer positions available?

Yes! While we prefer to have long-term volunteers (some have been with us over 20 years!), we are happy that we’re able to provide a fulfilling experience even to those who are only available temporarily. Please understand that opportunities and shifts for short-term volunteers are limited. We require everyone to attend our New Volunteer Orientation unless you are volunteering for a single event.

I’d like to volunteer with my friend/spouse/partner, etc. Can we be scheduled together?

Almost definitely. We have many pairs, trios, and even larger groups who enjoy working the same shift.

My group is interested in volunteering. Can you host us?

Most likely! With enough notice, we’re usually able to accommodate groups. Occasionally we request that the group be split into smaller subgroups given our space limitations. We love when groups are able to join in for the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive held the 2nd Saturday in May. We also welcome groups to join in on our Garden Work Parties held throughout Spring and Summer. If you’d like to sign up to receive announcements about either of these, please email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Groups can also be supportive of Fishline by hosting a food drive or another giving event.  After your group has held a fundraiser or donated food, a tour is a wonderful way to top off the experience. This is a great way for the group to see exactly how the community is being supported by such efforts. To schedule a tour for your group, please call our office.

How is my volunteer placement decided?

Collaboratively. We have a diverse group of roughly 300 volunteers, each with their own skill sets and interests. We want to match you to a role that suits you and helps fill a current need within our organization. Here is a list of our current volunteer positions.

I am not able to volunteer independently. Can I bring a helper with me when I volunteer?

Yes! We work with organizations like the Trillium and Care of Washington to accommodate individuals needing accompaniment. We also allow parents to accompany youth who do not meet our minimum age requirement of 14 years old.

Do I need to have experience to volunteer?

No prior experience is needed to volunteer in our entry level positions, but we do require all volunteers to have a willingness to learn. We supply all the training needed for each entry-level position. If you have specific experience that you’d like to bring to Fishline  please let us know!

Will I have training before I start volunteering?

Yes! Each role has training sessions that cover all aspects of the volunteer role. Training may be done with both staff and/or experienced volunteer. The time it takes to complete training varies, based on volunteer availability, training schedules, and the specific training needs of the volunteer role.

When are the volunteer shifts?

Each site has slightly different volunteer scheduling and shifts. Volunteers are in our market between 8:30am-3:30pm every weekday . On Wednesday, we have an additional shift 3:30 -7:15.  We have drivers volunteering every day of the week. Our thrift store hosts volunteers Monday-Saturday. Other positions have varied shift times depending on need. Typically shifts are 3-4 hours. Volunteers are scheduled a minimum of one shift per week usually at one of our two locations (Second Season, or our main office/food market)

We understand that life can be busy and have made our scheduling process as flexible as we are able. To make scheduling easy to manage, volunteers have a set schedule working the same shift time on the same day of the week. When removing themselves from the schedule, volunteers are welcome to pick up a make-up shift, but it is not required.

What if I only want to work special Fishline events?

Fabulous! From marching in the Viking Fest parade to serving cocktails at a fundraiser, we provide ample opportunities for those who wish to participate in special events. Most events require some outreach so knowledge of our organization is a requirement. We ask that special event volunteers attend an orientation and sign up for our newsletter in order to stay up-to-date on Fishline happenings.

What happens if I want to go on vacation?

Our volunteers are some of the busiest people we know! Volunteers are always welcome to take time off, whether just one shift or an extended leave. We like to know as much in advance as possible, but also understand that there are occasionally unforeseen circumstances.

Are there benefits to volunteering other than feeling great about my contribution to the community?

Yes! Volunteers receive 10% off at both of our stores. Volunteers in our market always have snacks and coffee available to them. We also hold regular get-togethers for our volunteers.