Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Reports to: Executive Director
Status: Full-time hourly, 32 hours/week including some evenings and weekends in 2019; increases to 40 hours/week in 2020.

About Fishline
Fishine Food Bank & Comprehensive Services is a nonprofit organization that has supported the critical needs of our community on the North Kitsap Peninsula for over 50 years by providing food, emergency services and resources to transform lives. Along with a paid staff of 10, Fishline relies on the good will of approximately 350 volunteers who help us in our thrift store, food bank market, programs, admin office, and special events to do the work of the organization.

Position Summary
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and implementing all aspects of the volunteer program including recruiting, screening, placement, communication, retention, scheduling, and appreciation of volunteers. The volunteer coordinator places volunteers into a wide variety of positions in the food bank, programs, thrift store, and events and maintains all records as needed.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

• Acts as the first point of contact for all individual volunteers, business volunteers, community groups, program and thrift store volunteers.
• Host a bi-monthly recruiting event to alert potential interested volunteers about the opportunities at Fishline and the Second Season thrift store.
• Identify points of community engagement for group volunteering, internships, and service learning opportunities with youth groups, businesses, and civic organizations.
• Develop and implement recruiting strategies, and attend recruiting events in the community to attract applicants. Work with colleagues to identify and publicize opportunities for volunteers
• Build community relationships for group volunteer opportunities through service and follow up communication that results in return group visits.
• Conduct post-visit calls to track successes and identify problems so that relationships are maintained and system improvements are made.

Placement and Guidance
• Recruit, interview and match interested volunteers with an opportunity that suits their skills and interests, and serves the organization.
• Work with department managers to ensure that all volunteers receive proper training and onboarding for their position.
• Evaluate Fishline’s volunteer opportunities and provides ongoing assessment.
• Confer with volunteers to resolve grievances and promote cooperation and interest.

• Work with staff to calibrate volunteer needs and assure coverage.
• Train staff to fill volunteer “call-outs” as is practical.
• Adjust scheduling procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.
• Schedules volunteer shifts for the food bank market, programs, special projects and events.

Communication and Support
• Communicate effectively with volunteers, paid staff members and clients.
• Provides consistent, up-to-date information to volunteers regarding organizational announcements, events, policies, and procedures.
• Produce monthly electronic “Volunteer Updates” for volunteers at large and to highlight specific departments as needed.
• Creating content for the Volunteer Section of the website and/or newsletters as needed.
• Maintain a visible schedule of opportunities for all volunteers to be aware of.
• Work with multiple agencies across different sectors in order to establish good working relationships to influence decisions about volunteering
• Communicate with agency departments to alert them when periodic volunteer re-training may be necessary.

• Develop and implement strategies for regular acknowledgement of volunteers
• Utilizes recognition and awards to maintain high level of motivation and appreciation of volunteers, working within an approved budget.
• Organize an annual volunteer appreciation event and/or other celebration events.

• Creates, updates and maintains volunteer information and materials including job descriptions, applications, handbooks, newsletters, confidentiality agreements, surveys, and other documents as needed.
• Manages and maintains an online volunteer management system including schedules, hours, reports and proof of service with Volgistics.
• Manage budgets and resources and produces additional reports as required
• Tracks and uses statistics to tell stories about volunteer demographics, trends, and retention best practices
• Coordinate reservations for weekly group tours and inquiries for group visits.

• Excellent communication and technology skills
• Comfortable in a growing, fast-paced and unpredictable environment
• Ability to multitask productively with frequent interruptions
• Ability to work independently and with a variety of people including board members, partner agencies, colleagues, and–of course!–volunteers.