Food for Thought Shopping List

Use the Handy Shopping List Below When Collecting Items for the Food for Thought Program.  All must be individual single servings, must be microwave or pop-top. Beverages o Swiss Misso Juice Box (100% Juice)Mealso Easy Maco Cereal box — single serving sizeo Cup o’ Noodleo Chicken (pre-prepared single meals w/ crackers)o Chef Boyardee Snacks o […]

Shopping Guide of Most Needed Items

Use this handy shopping guide when deciding what to donate to NK Fishline or when preparing for a food drive: Most Needed Items o Canned Fruits (peaches and pears)o Canned Soupso Canned Vegetableso Peanut Buttero Boxed Meals (Augratin potatoes, Hamburger Helper, etc.)o Diapers (Sizes 4, 5, 6)o Pork and beans Other Often Needed Items o […]

Community Events, Week of September 17

Image source:  Wikipedia Tonight, September 18 — Kitsap Community Resources presents “The Psychology of Spending” — Learn the hidden influences on spending and how to have a healthy approach by learning from Kitsap Credit Union presenters, 5:30 to 7 pm.  Note that this will be at the new South Kitsap Site, 3200 SE Rainshadow Crt, Port […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: In Her Own Words

The economy hit a major low, and I was feeling depressed about how it was affecting so many people, myself included. That’s when I remembered my parents saying “Don’t think about yourself, serve others and you’ll feel better in no time.” That statement is so true, and I became a North Kitsap Fishline food bank […]

Sponsor a Child: Be a Backpack Friend

You can be a very special part of a child’s life — by becoming a Backpack Friend, you can assure local children the nutrition they need.  Read more about the Food for Thought program here.  Click here to sponsor a child for one month: $25 Click here to sponsor a child for one semester: $100 Click here to […]