Shopping for food at Fishline has never been easier! The Fishbucks system allows our clients to fill their grocery carts with produce and other foods that best serve their unique tastes and needs, using their weekly budget of Fishbucks.  The system is designed so that the maximum number of clients gets at least some of every item that is donated on that particular day, though quantities of items will vary from day to day.  Fishline’s food services are designed to supplement other sources of assistance, but we strive to have most essential elements of a healthy diet available if possible.

Here’s how it works:

The amount of Fishbucks budgeted for each client/family is determined by a simple formula that has been carefully analyzed and is adjustable as needed. At the present time, clients receive Fishbucks determined by family size. We promote healthy eating so you will notice produce is not counted into your fishbucks. This maximum may be increased for larger families on an as-needed basis. The weekly budget of Fishbucks is to be spent during your shopping visits per week.

Each food item in the Market, except for free foods such as bread, produce, or special our marked with a Fishbucks price and a limit. As with retailers, these prices vary with season, supply, and perishability, i.e. fat full ears of corn might cost a little more than smaller ones.  And on some occasions, a scarce and highly desirable commodity will have limits to assure that there is some for everybody.

At checkout, the client’s account is charged for the items selected and automatically shows the balance of Fishbucks remaining for the week.  Thus, our clients are able to budget their weekly food purchase with confidence and without having to keep a separate record of their balances.

Each Wednesday, registered clients from outside of our Poulsbo/Suquamish/Keyport core service area may also shop at Fishline.  Each Wednesday evening from 4:00-7:00 pm our store is open to out of area shoppers.   Out of area clients have 10 Fishbucks that can be used for basic foods, excluding meat, dairy and items in the coolers.

We hear that our clients love the freedom of choice and the budgeting tool that the Fishbucks system offers them, and that their weekly shopping capacity provides them with healthy, hearty, and happy meals!

Need after hours or emergency services?

Dial 2-1-1 to get connected with Washington Information Network, a statewide call center network that can connect you to the immediate health & human services help that you need.