Nothing is more delicious then fresh picked vegetables straight from the garden.

The Fishline Garden Program meets a rapidly growing need for emergency food assistance and increases the amount of nutritious quality food low income families have available to them. With the high cost of vegetables and fruits, Vegetable gardening makes good sense and benefits us all. Come join us:  growing and sharing fresh organic vegetables and fruit with our Fishline neighbors!

Grow a Row

“Grow a Row” encourages gardeners to grow a little extra to donate to their local Food bank. Fishline encourages and enlist individuals and groups to Grow a Row in their garden for Fishline. The harvest goes fleshly picked and washed onto our Market shelves. Many local gardens bring us their surplus veggies all through the summer.

Giving Gardens

“Giving Gardens” encourages the development of whole gardens specifically grown for others in need. An individual or group of any size can grow a “Giving Garden”. A small or large group of friends,neighbors, relatives or an organizational group may form a group and grow a “Giving Garden.” The “Garden of Feedin'” at North Point Church was run by their Sunday School families and delivered over 200lbs of fresh vegetables in 2016.

Groups may include: congregations, neighborhood centers, senior groups, youth groups, women and men groups, occupational groups, businesses, schools and home-schools, homeless shelters, apartments, treatment centers, fire department, master gardeners.

These gardens may be in backyards, and/or on private and public land. It’s a really fun way for a group to work together.

Grow With Us: Raised Garden Beds

Volunteers growing with us:

Having Raised garden beds on site at Fishline provide fresh picked organic produce for our Market and provide low income individuals and families the opportunity to learn how to plant and grow their own nutritious and affordable vegetables. Most of the raised beds are picked fresh for the pantry.

Clients growing with us:

Clients grow with us on site. Clients may choose to help plant, take turns watering or join our work parties. Many clients are new to gardening and learn as they grow. Our hope is that these gardening skills will flourish and the joy of gardening will be passed on. Clients growing with us take home a basket of fresh produce at harvest time!

“Grow Your Own Veggies Project”: 2016

With funding from the Suquamish Appendix X Grant Fishline was able to provide 20 clients with a small Raised Garden bed for their residents. Soil, Compost and seeds/starts were included. Clients were chosen from a raffle on August 5th 2016. Many of these clients were participants in our Garden classes. These small beds with removable square foot lids were built by our Volunteer Carpenters.

Grow Your Own

“Garden Classes” right here at Fishline. Thanks to our friends at WSU Master Gardeners Extension program (KItsap). Come Spring time you will find garden classes offered at Fishline.

Everyone is welcome to attend these Free monthly or by-monthly classes that run through the summer months. Visit our Facebook events page for our latest classes.

Classes have included: Square Foot gardening, Composting, Fall & Winter gardening and more.

Several of our clients have received scholarships to take Organic Gardening classes with K.C. W.S.U. Master Gardeners in Bremerton.

Garden Committee

“Garden Committee”: Gardens on site need tending. Be a part of the Food solution as a volunteer in the Garden. Join the Fishline Garden Committee as we learn, build new beds, grow veggies, plant fruit bushes and trees, water, harvest and plan what’s next for Fishline’s gardens. Meets monthly. Email [email protected] if you would like to join our garden committee.

Sharing Resources with Garden Partners and Know-How

Gardening is not complicated, but to be done effectively, a person may need some information before starting. Aside from providing classes we would like to share written materials, and other garden support and resources for the greater community supporting Fishline. Support may include raised bed designs, tools to check out, composting techniques, transplants and more.

Garden Partners:

Links and Resources:

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