Poulsbo BrewCrawl to Raise Funds for NK Fishline


Do you have a favorite Poulsbo Brewery? Help them win bragging rights of being Poulsbo’s Most Popular Brewery while giving to NK Fishline!

Here’s how it works:  
  • Pick up your “passport” & raffle ticket for $10 (you can  pick one up at Marina Market, right down the stairs from the food bank or any of the participating breweries).
  • Every time you go to your favorite Poulsbo brewery and buy a beer, present this passport and get a stamp.  Each stamp will represent a donation by the brewery to NK Fishline and add to the Most Popular Brewery contest.
  • When you get 20 stamps, turn in your passport — this will be your invitation to the winning brewery’s BBQ! 
Read more about this fun-fundraiser at Westsound Beer News!  This event is sponsored by Marina Market and ends on September 3rd.