Fishline Food Bank and Comprehensive Services
Compensation Philosophy
January 1, 2022

Fishline Foodbank and Comprehensive Services is the leading provider of food and human services in North Kitsap. It is our continued desire to achieve professional excellence, pursue our mission of providing a safety net for North Kitsap residents, and attract and retain a high-quality workforce. Therefore, Fishline Food Bank and Comprehensive Services is committed to providing a competitive total compensation program that will contribute to our organization being viewed as a preferred employer within its operating areas.

To achieve these goals, Fishline’s mission and core values will guide us to:

  • Believe in the power of possibilities
  • Attract people with passion and keep that fire alive with laughter and positive reinforcement to create a work place where amazing things can happen
  • Embrace the following ideals:
    • Focus on performance
    • Be effective stewards
    • Drive efficiency, effectiveness, and quality
    • Be equitable and responsive
    • Value employees
    • Be client focused and easy to do business with
    • Be a rewarding place to work

Recognition Awards

We value the contributions of employees and are committed to recognizing exceptional achievements that go beyond the normal course of an employee’s job duties. Recognition awards may take many forms: a one-time cash awards, gift cards, public thanks and accolades, and other non-cash rewards.


An important component in any compensation package is the benefit program. We strive to promote a competitive, yet financially sustainable benefit program in support of our employees.

Value Proposition

Fishline makes a tremendous impact and has an outstanding reputation in the community.

We care about our people and understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. At Fishline, employees are encouraged to play to their strengths, develop their creativity, and learn new skills. Our culture empowers each person to work collaboratively with other staff members in service of our mission and vision.

Fishline does not currently have any open positions. 

Please visit our volunteer page for volunteer opportunities.