Employee, volunteer and client safety are priorities for Fishline Food Bank and Comprehensive Services. Work closures, delays and early dismissals due to weather, road conditions, and power outages are always a possibility during periods of inclement weather. These guidelines outline when closures or delays will be implemented and outline how Fishline will notify employees, volunteers, and the community when this occurs.

  • In the event of inclement weather, it is Fishline’s policy to follow the decision to open late or close based on the North Kitsap School Districts guidelines. If schools are delayed or closed, Fishline will be as well. 
  • All clients will be notified via text message of any potential late starts or closures as early as possible. Please make sure your contact number is up to date on your client profile or you may miss these notices.  
  • In the event of a late start on a Tuesday or Thursday, the Market will open at 11am instead of 10am.  

These notification efforts assume that you have access to electricity and internet and/or phone service. Communications staff will also place any closure information on the Fishline Website, the Facebook Page, and Twitter to warn clients and volunteers.
Please use common sense to assess the safety and practicality of the situation. In a regional power outage, for example, Fishline is likely to have no power.

Thank you for your understanding.