Strategic Plan

Overarching Strategy Goal: To be responsive to the ever-changing demographics and emerging needs of our community.

Goal 1: Proactively evaluate the emerging needs of our community to enable Fishline to move quickly to address conditions as they arise.

Goal 2: Provide emergency services and/or Case Management to ensure our unhoused population and those at risk of losing their homes remain safe, warm and connected to Fishline or Partner agencies.

Goal 3: Improve the overall mental health of our clients by providing no cost, short term counseling at Fishline and/or making a referral to appropriate outside services.

Goal 4: Increase revenues year over year by expanding current fundraising initiatives and seeking new opportunities.

Goal 5: Improve operational efficiencies and service quality across all of Fishline’s business functions.

Goal 6: Develop risk assessment, internal, and external disaster management plans to ensure continuation of services.

Goal 7: Consistently ensure availability of fresh foods, when there are diminished amounts of produce in the winter and the occasional absence of some dairy products and eggs, and to support healthy meal choices.