Volunteering During the Holidays


Want to volunteer during the holidays? 

Here are some tips to make volunteering during the holidays easier from HandsOnBlog:

  • Start Early – Just like doing all of your holiday shopping before the rush of Black Friday makes your holiday gift giving a little bit easier, so will starting a relationship with the nonprofit you want to volunteer at during the holidays as early as possible.  Whether it’s to start volunteering, or to sign up for events during the holiday season, starting a relationship with a nonprofit before the holiday rush will make it easier to volunteer during the holidays.
  • Be Realistic About the Time You Can Commit – Lets face it, no matter how well you plan things, something’s going to happen to make your well planned holiday time line fall apart.  When you sign up for that volunteer event, be sure to stick to the amount of time you think you’ll have available.  Don’t try to squeeze in an all day event if you only have a few hours.
  • Be Flexible – Your ideal type volunteer opportunity might not be available when you can volunteer.  Use the opportunity to try something that you’ve never done before!  It just might be your new favorite thing.
  • Donate – If you can’t find an opportunity to volunteer that fits your schedule and what you want to do, consider taking the time you were going to volunteer and turn it into a donation.  Ask the us what we really need and try to fill that need.  We may have specific projects or items that we are short of, and that may be the best way to contribute.  You’re still supporting the Fishline and its clients, but you’re able to do it at a time and in a way that’s convenient for you.
  • Be the Gift That Keeps On Giving – The holidays aren’t the only time that we need volunteers!  Use your holiday volunteering as a springboard for a relationship with the Fishline.
  • Include Your Family – Start a tradition of volunteerism at the holidays with your entire family, and carry it through the year.
  • Have Fun – This might be the most important part of your holiday volunteering.  Have fun doing it!