COVID-19 Response: Market & Client Services Changes as of March 16, 2020


To our community and neighbors,

We are all seeing measures being taken that are altering our daily lives, and Fishline is no exception.

With the announcement of further actions being taken by the Governor, Fishline has decided to take additional steps to respond to this crisis.

  • As of Tuesday, March 17th, Fishline will require that people call in to have a box of groceries put together. Please call 360-779-5190 and leave your name and number and a Fishline sfaff person will call you back. Boxes will be available to pick up between noon and 4pm and can be ordered a few days in advance.
  • We will be packing boxes for clients with a limit of 6-8 staff/volunteers in the market at any given time.  This means that we are asking all volunteers other than those we specifically contact to stay at home.  We will need the help of a limited number of volunteers, specifically for picking up grocery rescue and home delivery to those that may need groceries delivered due to being homebound or illness. 
  • Fishline will be providing all client services remotely via phone only. Please call (360) 779-5190 to arrange a phone appointment.
  • As the need grows we will be reaching out to volunteers as we move forward and the needs become more apparent.  We are expecting to need drivers who are willing to deliver boxes to those in need as well as backup drivers for our grocery rescue operation.
  • Donations of food items (non-perishable only, please) will be accepted at the old Fishline building (Annex) and held for 96 hours to ensure no spread of the virus.
  • We have suspended accepting donations to Second Season for the current time.  We have closed our Thrift Store and do not have the room to store items or staff on hand for the present time.

We have all been asked to limit social contact as a means to give our medical community the time and resources they are going to need to fight this virus.  Please know that you staying home is a selfless act of kindness and compassion towards your fellow volunteers, the clients and the staff.

During these times, we can build community outside of these walls and still retain our Fishline heart.  We know that the social distancing that’s been asked of us will create a sense of isolation for many.  Please- call your fellow volunteers!  Chat with them, play cards over the phone, share watching a movie over the phone, read and share books- reach out to your friends, neighbors and family members.  In our ‘isolation’ we can grow stronger and more connected than ever before. By staying home, we are truly showing how much we care about each other and our community.

We will continue to keep the community informed of any new developments. In the meantime, reaching out and taking care of each other, your neighbors and friends can provide the sense of community that we need in these times.