Fishline in Need of Protective Masks


Fishline is in need of protective masks for use by our staff & volunteers in the food bank and to give to clients who may need them.

What are the best materials to use? 

  • Pillow Cases
  • 100% Cotton T-shirts

These materials filter out approximately 50% of .02 micron particles, similar in size to the coronavirus. They are also easy to breathe through as surgical masks, which makes them comfortable enough to wear for several hours. 

Nose Bridge Materials

Masks need to have a bendable material for the nose area. This material* can be 3-4” of bendable materials, including: pipe cleaners, plastic covered twist ties, etc. 

*Make sure materials are machine washable and are sewn into the inside of one side using a zigzag stitch. 

The Importance of DIY Mask Breathability

The comfort of a mask depends on the material’s breathability. Comfort will influence how long a person can wear your mask. 

Mask Elastic & Fabric Ties

The best materials to use are elastic bands that go around the ears. If you don’t have elastic material, fabric strings (2 for the top and 2 for the bottom) or bias tape for strings work well. Make sure to fold the fabric in half. 

There are many great tutorials online. This one does not include nose bridge materials:–BOyTiU

Click here for a printable version of guidelines.