We have a number of donation sites around our community to make giving to Fishline easy!

Food Donations

Food donations that are not expired and are unopened, may be dropped off at Fishline Monday thru Friday during the following hours:

  • Monday: 8:30am to 2:45pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30am to 2:45pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30am to 6:45pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am to 2:45pm
  • Friday: 8:30am to 2:45pm

Look for the “Donations” door located toward the back of the back of our building.  If no one greets you immediately, please ring the large white doorbell, and someone will be right there to help you.  Receipts are always offered, should you need one. Fishline will accept both perishables (including dairy, eggs, fresh fruits &  vegetables, garden produce etc.) as well as non-perishables. We are also happy to receive baby food, diapers, wipes, household cleaning supplies and personal care items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, lotion, feminine hygiene products, etc.)  Click here for a shopping list of our “most needed items” or you can visit our Facebook page to see what we are needing most week to week!

You can also support Fishline by dropping off food donations in our collection barrels at any of the following locations:

Big blue Fishline donation barrels are located near the entrance at:

  • Central Market
  • Safeway
  • Kitsap Bank
  • Liberty Bay Bank
  • 1st Security Bank
  • John L. Scott Realty (19723 10th Ave NE, Poulsbo, WA)

Seasonally, other Poulsbo businesses, churches and organizations might also have Fishline donation barrels or boxes.  Watch for them!  And thank you for thinking of your Fishline neighbors each time you shop!

After Hours Cupboard

You continually amaze us in finding ways to help and support our neighbors!

A few months ago, Fishline installed a beautifully-crafted (made by a volunteer!) After Hours Cupboard, designed to provide non-perishable food to hungry folks on weekends, during the evenings after our Market is closed, and during holiday closures.

You have taken it upon yourselves to replenish the cupboard, helping us provide uninterrupted food access to our homeless neighbors and others in need.

We thank you for doing this, and thought that maybe we can provide a list of the most-needed items for those folks who can’t use a stove or refrigerator.

  • Pop-top cans of tuna, soup, beef stew, chili, veggies or fruit
  • Ramen or Cup o’ Soup
  • Tuna packets
  • Crackers
  • Individual fruit cups
  • Cereal (single-serving or small bags of granola)
  • Dried fruit
  • Small jars or individual-servings peanut butter
  • Snack bars



After Hours Donation Barrel

Sometimes donations are left by Fishline’s donation door after we’re closed or on weekends.

Thank you for these!  And we understand that you often cannot get here during regular donation hours listed above.

We’ve put an After Hours Donation Barrel right outside the donation door so you can drop donations (non-perishables, please) into the barrel if we’re not open when you arrive.

Otherwise, our sweet little family of raccoons enjoys quite a feast on the donations you leave by the door!

Thank you for your donations!


Clothing, Housewares, Furniture, Home Decor & Accessories

We are now accepting donations for our Second Season store on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10:00am – 2:00pm, or until our storage area is full. Approved items can be dropped off at the old Fishline building at 19705 Viking Way. When you arrive, please pull up in the delivery lane and wait for a Fishline volunteer to come greet you. We ask that all donors unload their own cars onto carts provided by our volunteers.

Please note, due to storage capacity, we are not able to accept the following items:

  • Baby equipment (including car seats, cribs, & strollers)
  • Bed Pillows
  • Beds (mattresses, frames, head & foot boards)
  • Electronics (computers, games, stereos, typewriters)
  • TVs
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Large Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Linens
  • Magazines, Encyclopedias
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys, stuffed animals (unless in a new package)

How to donate:

Important: please bring your items to us in boxes or bags with the lids closed and the bags tied shut. If you are unable to do so we will ask that you repackage them in the bags that we will provide to you at the donation point. This reduces any exposure of the virus between donors and receivers.

Please visit our Facebook page for store specials and announcements.