Small Tasks That Make a BIG Difference at Fishline!


Want to volunteer?
Don’t have a lot of spare time?

The staff at Fishline has a multitude of simple and quick tasks that are easy to fit into an active week. However it’s those little things that add up and put a squeeze on our already busy schedules.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Gavin — if you have time for any of these tasks!

Here is a list of some of the things we need help with:

• Maintain the lobby bulletin board—once weekly—30 minutes tops-discard outdated material and order what’s missing.

• Birthday gifts program for kids—once weekly—1 hour of fun “shopping” in the birthday boxes in Rae’s office.

• Shredding — that’s right:  shredding —once weekly-10 minutes tops-it’s a noisy job so best done before or after open hours.

• Creating labels for our Housing Solutions pamphlets-one time task-1 hour—print and stick-that’s it!

• Creating a poster of services available here at Fishline – one time task – needs to be big, bold and beautiful!

• Community Events Booth Manager(s)– knowledgeable and friendly person (or bring a friend along and make it a partnership) to explain all the good work Fishline does in the community—a few days a year.

• Investigator—sad but true, there a small number of fraudulent folks taking advantage—see Rae for details.

• News Specialist—do you read the paper EVERY day? We need someone to keep abreast of food bank relevant news and local obituaries that may name NK Fishline as a source for memorial donations.

• Community Outreach – working with the News Specialist find out who in the community needs help – and then work with Rae and Lucy to do outreach. May also involve arranging on site classes here at Fishline.

• Health Care Information Specialist – someone to gather all the health care relevant information and create a
 packet that a normal person can make sense of – time involvement is unknown –

• Reporter – a friendly articulate person to write our monthly volunteer newsletter – requires some interviewing and keeping abreast of all the schedules of events here at Fishline. 4-5 hours a month(?)

• Weed fighter – yep it’s that time of year – there are weeds growing in the front parking area and a thorny bush overgrowing right into the walkway! One hour sessions – as needed till Fall.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have time for any of these things! We’re glad to have you!