Our Community Speaks: Fishline Listens


In September Fishline sent out a Brand Survey to the community to collect information for our ongoing efforts to improve Fishline and Second Season Thrift store. We loved hearing from you and appreciated all the input! Here is some of the feedback we received, along with Fishline’s response:

A better drop off and storage area for Second Season would be a godsend.”

“We hear you! We are in the process of securing a truck that will help with donation collection and storage.

Once that arrives, we will begin to collect donations in the Poulsbo Village Parking Lot instead of behind the building. This will ensure closures are mitigated and we accept donations whenever Second Season is open. 

“Do you give Community Impact Reports to the City Council?”

“Yes! Charlie will be speaking to the City Council the third Wednesday in January about the changes Fishline underwent in 2023 and its future. Please come in person or watch via Zoom. The meeting begins at 5pm.

“I would suggest you market yourself with a stronger message of your full menu of services.”

“Excellent thoughts. In the coming months, we plan on crafting a case for support that focuses on our whole-person approach here at Fishline. If a person needs resources in North Kitsap, we want them to come to us. Even if we cannot help directly, we can refer them to the correct place.”

“Second Season needs more room and a re-branding.”

“Fishline will be expanding its retail store operations in 2024. The goal is to raise more revenue for the mission and provide greater access to low-cost essential items for our neighbors in need. In the coming months, the older building on Viking Avenue will be converted into a thrift store where the public can shop for affordable essential items five days a week. Second Season will be a boutique with a variety of items, including antiques, collectibles, designer clothing and small to medium sized furniture. Our clients will continue to receive 30% off at either location and can meet with a case manager to inquire about receiving a voucher for free, essential items. Updates will be provided through a variety of Fishline media channels.”