Learn How to Become a Hunger Hero!


Why Hunger Heroes?

Hunger has no season. Fishline services are needed all year, so we want to encourage a steady influx of donations to meet those needs. By identifying and organizing this activity through the Hunger Heroes campaign, we hope to fill our calendar so that those in need in our community are cared for all year long. We ask that organizations, groups and individuals to “adopt” Fishline at least once per year. In this time, the kind hearts and creative spirit of your group can decide upon the best way to come together to contribute to Fishline’s mission. Whether it be raising funds, gathering food, sponsoring a Food for Thought child as a Backpack Friend or even volunteering, there are no limits to the ways that you can help Fishline in its mission to end hunger and homelessness in North Kitsap. 

How do you get started?

Once you and your group decide upon a week that works for you, we will include your commitment in our master calendar. If you have already planned an event or host one annually, let us know! With your permission, we will help promote your ideas, using signs, posters and online media announcements to help assure the success of your mission.
This manual will help you get started, hopefully sparking some ideas while describing some guidelines that will help you succeed.

But the greatest reward of all is knowing that you have contributed to a community free of want, comprised of caring and compassionate neighbors who take care of each other. We thank you for your ongoing support of this important mission as one of our Hunger Heroes.


Food Drives: Fishline distributes over 1200 cans of chili, 600-800 jars of peanut butter and 600-800 boxes of cereal each month. Nothing helps us more than regular food donations, especially in the months of Feb/Mar and Aug/Sept.

Pet Food Drive: Don’t forget our best friends. We always need dog and cat food and other pet supplies.

Spare Change Drive: For a period of time, set aside your spare change as a donation to Fishline. Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same.

Party or Dance with Silent Auction: Come together to dance and enjoy your friends all in the name of a good cause. Thanks to the donated items that are sold in a silent auction, as well as a small ticket price, thousands of dollars can be raised.

Thrift Item Collections: Gather up new or gently-used clothing or house wares from your circle of friends or coworkers and bring them to Second Season Thrift Store. Proceeds from our thrift store go directly to helping our clients.

“Kids for Kids” Food Drive: Get the children involved and teach them valuable life lessons by encouraging drives by the children on be-half of other children. By collecting items needed in our Backpack program, such as juices, granola bars and fruit cups, kids get the reward of knowing they are helping kids in need.

Develop your own Hunger Hero mission!
We are amazed by the inventive, creative ways our community has developed to help Fishline. You and your team of heroes can unleash your innovative spirits and come up with an event or idea perfect for you. Here are some new twists that have worked for others:

Challenges: Have different departments/grades challenge each other to see who will raise the most meals or money. Keep a running tally posted in a visible area. Offer an award or reward to the winning group.

Game Night/Lunch: Host a game night or lunch party with your friends and co-workers. The host provides refreshment and maybe prizes. Then each guest will bring a donation as their entry free to the party.

“Eat in for Hunger”: Encourage employees or students to bring a brown bag lunch and donate the money they would have spent on lunch.

Commit to a regular volunteer shift: A local bank sends a member of its staff every Thursday morning to volunteer at Fishline and pays them as if they were working at the Bank. Employees love it and look forward to their turn.

Should you let Fishline know of the drive before it happens?

We are always glad to know of these events in advance, because we want to collaborate with you in assuring its success. We can:

Assist you in planning based on our experience over the years;
Provide printed materials for your use, including our logo

Advertise your event on our web site, social media and newsletter;


Provide barrels for your use and arrange pickup of food if you can’t deliver it.

Contact us at [email protected] to become a Hunger Hero today!!