COVID-19 Updated Building Policy, Effective August 2, 2021


Fishline’s indoor grocery-store style shopping market is open again! Each household will be able to shop once a week inside our facility and select their own grocery items. 

New indoor market hours are:

-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 11am-4pm

– Wednesday: 1pm-6pm

When Fishline’s market reopens, every household will receive 10 commodities and free produce. The amount of grocery items and protein will depend on the number of points you are allotted.

1-2 Family Members = 15 points
3-4 Family Members = 20 points
5-6 Family Members = 25 points
7 + Family Members = 30 points

Fishline wants to keep our volunteers, clients, and staff healthy and ensure a pleasant experience for all here. To that end, we will be requiring all individuals to wear a mask while inside our facility and will require social distancing protocols whenever possible. A maximum of 10 individuals will be allowed in the store at one time; each will be allowed to shop for 30 minutes. Please follow the directional arrows while in the market.