North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank strives to assure an environment of mutual respect and ethical behavior.

We believe in the dignity of the human spirit and relationships built upon this belief. Creating a safe, positive shopping and working experience is our primary goal. We encourage every visitor to be honorable, constructive and, even when there are disagreements, maintain respect for one another.

We will have a truly respectful environment:

  • When everyone can interact  without fear or threat;
  • When all interactions are  civil and kind;
  • When no firearms, drugs or  alcohol enter our premises;
  • When disagreements are  handled in a peaceful way;
  • When disrespectful behavior is  witnessed, swift, fair and consistent accountability is enforced.

To protect our Culture of Respect, Fishline will follow these steps if disrespect occurs:

Disruptive behavior

Such as being argumentative, frequent complaining, hiding items from checkout, disrespect of co-workers, etc.

First Occurrence / Verbal warning
Second Occurrence / Written warning
Third Occurrence / Permanent removal of shopping or working privileges

Aggressive behavior

Such as using raised voices, threats, confrontations, refusal to adhere to requests of volunteers or staff.

First Occurrence / Written warning, temporary restrictions
Second Occurrence / Meet with staff before privileges restored
Third Occurrence / Privileges permanently suspended

Please, follow these rules:

  • No bartering
  • No trading
  • No purchase of food for others
  • All food must be visible
  • No consuming food in the Market