SNAP and Fishline both have a commitment to increasing access to healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, for low income clients. Eating a healthy diet has so many vital impacts. It fosters healthy child development, prevents disease and promotes lifelong nutrition.

SNAP is one of the most important government programs for providing food to low income clients and families. However, many families who are eligible for SNAP are not registered for the program. Assistance with the registration process has been shown to increase individual and family access to these vital food services.

SNAP services will be fundamental to the innovative work funded by the Transforming Lives Campaign. In the new Healthy Foods Market, Fishline will offer identification of SNAP qualifying clients, registration assistance, access to healthy foods and produce, nutrition education, and healthy cooking demonstrations and classes.

The SNAP-Fishline partnership is a keystone for providing healthy foods to low income members of the community.

Please schedule an appointment with case management if you would like to enroll.