Group volunteer projects will be subject to the approval of Fishline’s management team. Approvals will be based on, age range of youth under 18 years old, group size, supervision, and volunteer activity. Please contact Collin at [email protected] or (360)208-0102 to submit a group project request.

Buddy system:

For volunteer 14-15 we offer a buddy system opportunity. With parent/guardian approval, and individual 14-15 years of age may volunteer on a trial basis:

  • With a parent or guardian
  • With a friend, family member, teammate etc. who is 18+
  • In a group (please see the group volunteer policy)

Volunteers, regardless of age are held to Fishline’s Culture of Respect. If the individual aged 14-15 follows our culture of respect, completes tasks safely and responsibly, and maintains good attendance for 2 months, they will then be permitted to volunteer independently with parent/guardian approval.

  • To receive a letter of recommendation from the Volunteer Manager, you must complete at least 2 months of service or 16 hours minimum.

Swank Farm:

Volunteers under the age of 16 may volunteer with a parent, guardian, or family member who is over 18. Volunteers under 16 must be supervised at all times.


To volunteer independently you much be 16+ years of age.