Safe Growing Practices

  • Protect garden from wild and domestic animal contamination
  • Use a clean water source
  • Use safe soil amendments

Safe Harvesting Practices

  • Do not harvest produce if you feel under the weather (COVID symptoms)
  • Use clean hands or gloves
  • Use clean and sanitized tools for harvesting
  • Use clean receptacle or bag to store freshly harvested produce

Considerations for Produce Donations

  • Remove or rinse off as much visible dirt as possible
  • If possible, trim off unusable portion (rhubarb leaves, lettuce roots, ETC)
  • Keep produce separated by type in clean containers or bags
  • No sign of mold, spoilage, or insects

We cannot accept: 

  • Home canned goods
  • Home prepared foods
  • Overripe, spoiled, or damaged produce

Donation instructions:

  • Monday-Friday, normal Food Bank hours*
  • Park in main lot and walk over to door marked “Deliveries” 
  • Ask for assistance

*Please deliver all produce or perishable items directly to a Fishline staff member or volunteer.