Client Holiday Reminders


Fishline will have restricted hours and days of operation during the holidays:

Thanksgiving Market

November 15 – 22, 2017

Early close at 5pm, November 22

The food bank will be closed on November 23 and 24 to observe the Thanksgiving holiday.

Christmas Market

December 18 – 22, 2017

The food bank will be closed on December 25, 26, 29 and January 1 to observe the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Child

Client Sign Ups End November 17th.

We will accept late sign ups for Christmas Child until December 21st. These gifts are not guaranteed.

Vote for Fishline: Jewelers for Children Grant Award Program



North Kitsap Fishline has been nominated by our friend Richard Koven, formerly of Dahlquist Fine Jewelry to win a $5000 award for our Food for Thought Program from Jewelers for Children! You can help us win this award with THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

1) Click HERE or copy and paste the following link into your browser: Remember to bookmark this link and VOTE EVERY DAY until November 17th!

2) Vote for us by clicking “vote” under Fishline’s profile.

3) Enter your email address to finalize the vote. (Your email address will not be used by Fishline of Jeweler’s for Children for anything but to record your vote.)

One vote per day PER EMAIL ADDRESS is allowed! Share this email with your contacts AND the voting link on Facebook so that we can move to the top and win this very important $5k award!

Home Delivery


On a smoky afternoon I hopped into the car with Fishline volunteer Michael Amrich to deliver groceries to home-bound people here in the Poulsbo community. Michael’s usual partner, Ann Wilder, was out, and, since we employ the buddy system, I took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Fishline’s Home Delivery Program. Here how it works: Michael and Ann call each person on their list, they fulfill their order by shopping our market (foodbank), they load the groceries into a van and do their route. Sometimes it’s only a few stops, but in the past they’ve had as many as a dozen households. There’s a gentleman who lives on his boat in Liberty Bay. We leave his groceries at Marina Market and they ensure he receives them. A delivery goes to a mom and her preschool-aged daughter. Our route that day was in city limits but they’ve delivered as far as Lowfall. Pretty simple, right?

But here’s how it really works…

Michael and Ann have known these folks, sometimes for years. They are privy to details about their lives, like whether a grandchild is coming to visit or if they have an aversion to potato salad. They know their health histories and whether they should knock or ring the doorbell. Also, they might be the only visitors stopping by that day…or even that week. They clearly deliver more than just food.

So, when the news came the other day that Ruth—who had been receiving home delivery from the program’s inception—passed away, our volunteers took the news as if she were family. They, of course, will miss her terribly. They also know that there are deliveries to be made and were here with smiles on their faces this morning, ready to make it work.

Clothing with a Cause: Fishline’s Free Closet

Helen, Greg, Ruth, Lydia, Kaori, Karen, & Steve

When these volunteers started our weekly outdoor Free Closet, you could practically predict the weather based on whether or not it was Wednesday. If it was below zero, it was Wednesday. If the wind was blowing sideways, it was Wednesday. Six months later, they have good reason to don their Hawaiian shirts!

Why start an outdoor anything in the dead of winter? Well, in this case, longtime Fishline volunteers Helen Supancheck and Karen Calhoun heard a story. It was about a boy who came into Fishline without a coat. While we often give vouchers for folks to buy clothes at Second Season (our thrift store), no clothing was available on site. This was enough to spur these women into action. They enlisted their husbands, Greg and Steve, their neighbor Kaori Williams, and even her spouse!

This operation is no easy feat: inventory is picked up almost daily from Second Season. They load and unload hundreds of pounds of clothing, haul it upstairs, and sort it in whatever available space they can find. But the service has been so well-received, they have no plans to quit anytime soon. Helen told me that they knew they had done the right thing when one day, early on, a homeless man without shoes came by. They had exactly one pair of shoes in their entire inventory and guess what? They fit him like a glove!

This summer our Free Closet gained two additional volunteers: Ruth Maupin and Lydia deRuyter. It’s operating every other Wednesday from noon-4pm and serving as many as 50 families on any given day. So many of Fishline’s services have come to fruition because of our volunteers’ ideas and energy. If you’d like to become one of our nearly 300 volunteers—with the Free Closet team or in another capacity—please be in touch with our Volunteer Manager.

Fishline Receives Gift from the Sunderland Foundation


We are so excited to thank the Sunderland Foundation for their $100,000 gift towards our Capital Campaign!

“This is the kind of project we like to fund – it is a legacy project that will have a big impact on the North Kitsap community, helping people break out of the cycle of poverty through coordination of services and case management.  We are happy we could help fund the Fishline Transforming Lives Capital Campaign and the Comprehensive Services Center we will help build.”

-Kent Sunderland, President, Sunderland Foundation.

The Sunderland Foundation was established in 1945 by Lester T. Sunderland, who served as president of the Ash Grove Cement Company for 33 years and a highly respected leader in the cement industry.

For more than seven decades, the Foundation – which is still managed by Lester T. Sunderland’s descendants – has focused on supporting bricks and mortar projects, awarding grants to nonprofits in the Kansas City region and other areas where the Ash Grove Cement Company does business.

“Grants from the Foundation help build the places where families in distress find help and healing, where young minds grow and thrive, and where communities come together for celebration and inspiration.

Our focus on funding bricks and mortar projects – including building construction, renovation, repairs and restoration – reflects our unique heritage and provides a much-needed source of funding for established nonprofits that need new or improved facilities.

By supporting capital and special projects that allow nonprofits to fulfill their missions, The Sunderland Foundation is doing its part to create a stronger, safer and more vibrant future for the communities we serve.”