Home Share: An Affordable-Housing Option

When Ms. Smith moved into her two-bedroom bungalow, she could well afford the $750 monthly rent. Five years later, she found herself very ill with diabetes, out of work and not eligible for medical insurance with the state. The light at the end of the tunnel was still 18 months away when she would turn […]

Happy Retirement Party for Gavin!

On Feb 1st, friends and volunteers of NK Fishline got together to wish Gavin a happy retirement! The group celebrated at Tisley’s Europub to thank Gavin for his services and wish him well!  It’s time likes these that we are reminded that the NK Fishline team is very much a community of supportive friends and […]

This Week’s Most Needed Items: Second Season Donations

This week, on our most needed items — Second Season comes to the top of the list.  For those of you that don’t know, Second Season Thrift Store is located on the waterfront in downtown Poulsbo.  All the profit from the store goes directly to support NK Fishline.   Think of Second Season when starting […]

“From Biopsy to Bell” — A Heartfelt Letter from Camille Meyers

From Biopsy to Bell My journey started the last week of September, 2012.  My wonderful Fishline family celebrated its annual  thank you dinner for the volunteers.  I asked if I could share a presentation of the 31 years I was blessed to give to Fishline Food Bank and Thrift Shop.  Union Bank then put a […]

“I Can See Clearly Now….”

We can see clearly now at Second Season Thrift Store!  Special thanks to Stuart Miller of M & R Homecare — who stopped by Second Season and offered to donate their services to give our windows at the shop a much needed cleaning.  Stuart and his crew worked through the afternoon and did an amazing […]