This Week’s Most Needed Items: CAMPING Gear!

Do you have gently used camping gear that you are no longer using? Are you updating your old gear to buy new gear?  We are in need of tents, sleeping bags, and any other camping gear that you can provide! We have many homeless in our area that depend on these items to stay warm […]

Message from the Director: Helping People in Need Find Their Greatness

When a local resident comes to Fishline for help, it is often after many months of worry. Like perhaps we might be if we faced hard times, the strong, self-reliant part of our nature insists that we can handle our troubles. It can be embarrassing to admit we can’t handle them alone.But some life situations […]

Fishline Celebrates March’s Community Partner: Blue Heron Jewelry

  For the second Christmas in a row, Blue Heron Jewelry has organized a fundraiser for Fishline that has been an extraordinary success. By offering their customers a coupon for a significant percentage off their purchase price, Blue Heron donates that reduction to Fishline. In this way, customers receive a great deal and donate to a […]

Shiny NEW Parking at Second Season Thrift Store!

  If you have tried to shop in Downtown Poulsbo in the last few weeks, you were likely greeted with big signs and arrows redirecting you somewhere else! There was some serious work being done to the parking lot! The changes have been tedious, but well worth the wait! Jan Henson, from Second Season Thrift […]

This Week’s Most Needed Items

Do you use a shopping list?  For many people, this is considered the best way to stay organized, save money, and most importantly:  not forget anything!  For Fishline clients, the luxury of a shopping list is not always possible.  Some clients struggle to make their monthly, weekly, and even daily needs.  We are happy to […]