We Need Your Help: Open Volunteer Positions During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 we are limiting our current available volunteer positions to the following: Client Food Distribution Volunteer, Warehouse Distribution Volunteer (back of the house), and Market Delivery Driver. Please note that a mask is required and social distancing rules apply. See details below: Position Department Reports to Client Food Distribution Volunteer Food Bank Andrea […]

Free Closet

When these volunteers started our weekly outdoor Free Closet, you could practically predict the weather based on whether or not it was Wednesday. If it was below zero, it was Wednesday. If the wind was blowing sideways, it was Wednesday. Six months later, they have good reason to don their Hawaiian shirts! Why start an […]

Volunteering: A Full-time Job (no, really!)

The spirit of the season is year-round for some local businesses and their employees. Take Poulsbo’s Wells Fargo team, for example. Each week one person from their branch joins our Wednesday morning crew, helping to stock our market’s shelves, receive donations, and pitch in where needed. Les Schwab owner Brett Clark not only gives his […]

Home Delivery

On a smoky afternoon I hopped into the car with Fishline volunteer Michael Amrich to deliver groceries to home-bound people here in the Poulsbo community. Michael’s usual partner, Ann Wilder, was out, and, since we employ the buddy system, I took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Fishline’s Home Delivery Program. Here how […]


(originally printed in the North Kitsap Herald on April 14, 2017) Michael, a teenager who I thought had completed his mandated community service hours with us, was waiting in Fishline’s lobby. He told me he had 30 minutes. My heart sank. “But I thought you were finished!” I said. “What about the court deadline?” I […]