Volunteer FAQ’s during COVID-19

I want to become a Fishline Volunteer. What are the next steps?

Submit a volunteer application to join our team! 

Do you accept volunteers who are under 18?

Yes! Please see our Youth Volunteer Guidelines

Do I need to have experience to volunteer?

No prior experience is needed to volunteer in our entry level positions, but we do require all volunteers to have a willingness to learn. We supply all the training needed for each entry-level position. If you have specific experience that you’d like to bring to Fishline, please let us know!

What happens if I want to go on vacation?

Our volunteers are some of the busiest people we know! Volunteers are always welcome to take time off, whether just one shift or an extended leave. We like to know as much in advance as possible, but also understand that there are occasionally unforeseen circumstances. However, we ask that you please refer to COVID-19 Safety and Health Guidelines for Volunteers for additional guidance. 

Are there benefits to volunteering other than feeling great about my contribution to the community?

Yes! Volunteers receive 10% off at Second Season. Volunteers in our market always have snacks and coffee available to them. We also hold regular get-togethers for our volunteers.

Do you accept volunteers needing to perform community service?

Updates coming soon…