Small Tasks That Make a BIG Difference at Fishline!


Want to volunteer?
Don’t have a lot of spare time?

The staff at Fishline has a multitude of simple and quick tasks that are easy to fit into an active week. However it’s those little things that add up and put a squeeze on our already busy schedules.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Gavin — if you have time for any of these tasks!

Here is a list of some of the things we need help with:

• Maintain the lobby bulletin board—once weekly—30 minutes tops-discard outdated material and order what’s missing.

• Birthday gifts program for kids—once weekly—1 hour of fun “shopping” in the birthday boxes in Rae’s office.

• Shredding — that’s right:  shredding —once weekly-10 minutes tops-it’s a noisy job so best done before or after open hours.

• Creating labels for our Housing Solutions pamphlets-one time task-1 hour—print and stick-that’s it!

• Creating a poster of services available here at Fishline – one time task – needs to be big, bold and beautiful!

• Community Events Booth Manager(s)– knowledgeable and friendly person (or bring a friend along and make it a partnership) to explain all the good work Fishline does in the community—a few days a year.

• Investigator—sad but true, there a small number of fraudulent folks taking advantage—see Rae for details.

• News Specialist—do you read the paper EVERY day? We need someone to keep abreast of food bank relevant news and local obituaries that may name NK Fishline as a source for memorial donations.

• Community Outreach – working with the News Specialist find out who in the community needs help – and then work with Rae and Lucy to do outreach. May also involve arranging on site classes here at Fishline.

• Health Care Information Specialist – someone to gather all the health care relevant information and create a
 packet that a normal person can make sense of – time involvement is unknown –

• Reporter – a friendly articulate person to write our monthly volunteer newsletter – requires some interviewing and keeping abreast of all the schedules of events here at Fishline. 4-5 hours a month(?)

• Weed fighter – yep it’s that time of year – there are weeds growing in the front parking area and a thorny bush overgrowing right into the walkway! One hour sessions – as needed till Fall.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have time for any of these things! We’re glad to have you!

Community Events, Week of June 12


This week’s events:

On Wednesday, June 13,  Suquamish Church of Christ will host a community dinner between 5-7pm.  This is a weekly event. All are welcome!

On Thursday, June 14,  First Lutheran Church in Poulsbo will host their weekly community dinner between 5-6pm.  This is also a weekly event where all are welcome!

Also on Thursday, join us for a seminar at Kitsap Community Resources:  Introduction to Investing, hosted by American Financial Solutions from 5:30 to 7pm.

On Saturday, June 16, from 11:30 to 1pm Gateway Fellowship Church in Poulsbo will host a community lunch.  All are welcome!

Are you hosting an event that will benefit the needy members of our community?  Contact NK Fishline to add your event to our calendar!

Unique Poulsbo Tote Bags Created for NK Fishline!


Be green, give a donation to Fishline, and save our planet by buying the reusable, blue tote bags sold at Second Season and Marina Market.  Local artist, Michelle Amicucci, of FrontStreet Gallery in downtown Poulsbo, painted a beautiful watercolor painting depicting our scenic town. A blend of familiar icons, the Nordic flag, the red clock, and the hanging  floral baskets, capture the festive atmosphere of our hometown. Michelle graciously donated the use of her artwork to decorate the side of the Fishline tote bags.
Selling at $9.99 a tote these bags are perfect for all grocery and shopping trips. They are noticed and admired. It’s like taking a bit of Poulsbo with you every where you go.
The totes are great gift ideas for out of town guests and relatives. Why wrap a gift when you can “bag” it!

Fishline Celebrates July’s Featured Community Partner


Every day at 5 am, a volunteer from Fishline eagerly travels to Central Market.  Awaiting him/her are boxes of produce that are being “rescued” from Central, the results of the fastidious standards Central has for all its food.  If a red pepper has a mark or a tomato a soft spot, it must be removed so that retail customers can be assured of only the highest quality products.  These “imperfect” items are still very edible and end up as the “perfect” stock in our Front Market.  
As if that’s not enough, we go back for a second run every day, picking up dairy, bread, cakes, pies, meat and other food items.   These two runs bring in hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds every day for our neighbors.  This adds up to an astonishing total every year.  In 2011, Central donated over 300,000 pounds of food to Fishline.  That’s about 60% of our grocery rescue totals.
Additionally, Central helps out throughout the year in other ways.  When we had our Empty Bowl Fundraiser event, where we served soup to guests, Central provided the soup at their cost.  When we wanted to sell our Poulsbo Tote Bags as a fundraising project, Central located them at the checkout counter so they can be seen by all their customers.  And, in the middle of the year, Tom Hall, General Manager of Central, presented Fishline with a substantial monetary donation. 
Fishline can ask for no better partner in its mission to end hunger in North Kitsap.  

20th Annual Postal Drive Fills Fishline Shelves



For 20 years, the Letter Carriers Union has set aside a day each year when they will pick up food donations for area food banks, making possible the largest food drive in the world. Traditionally, this has provided a huge influx of food for Fishline, sometimes more than 20,000 pounds. This year, the numbers were a little smaller, 14,500 pounds collected, but this is still a serious amount of food. Boxes of canned soup, boxed meal dinners, peanut butter and treats, needed this time of year more than any other.

Over 100 volunteers came together to help pull off this gigantic effort, including 17 driver teams which followed established postal routes and collected hundreds of white bags, to large groups of other volunteers who worked at the Post Office dock making sure all the items were sorted and packed in boxes that were then loaded into a waiting semi. Volunteers from the Marines, the Navy, local churches and schools, and area businesses like Zero Gravity became instant friends as they moved with precision and endurance throughout the day.

The Poulsbo Post Office does a great job organizing and executing this massive food drive. Carriers stay longer than usual, picking up hundreds of pounds of food – they seemed so excited when they could see all the food that would be available to those who need it. It truly is a community effort of “neighbors helping neighbors”.