Our vision is a community where a safety net exists for all people, which includes adequate food, shelter, healthcare and employment.

Comprehensive Services Center

Comprehensive Services Center Providers at Fishline are available to provide better access for those in need in the north end of Kitsap. These agencies each have private offices and varied office hours. Click here for more information.

Client Re-Registration Deadline Extended to March 15

ATTENTION ALL CLIENTS: Our 2019 Re-Registration Deadline has been extended until March 15, 2019. To ensure that Fishline’s recent inclement weather closures do not prevent you from meeting the 2019 re-registration deadline, we have extended the re-registration deadline to March 15, 2019.  Remember to bring in your proof of residency and complete their registration paperwork […]

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Most Needed Items

As we begin the New Year, and face the next 90+ days until Spring and our beautiful growing season, we can summarize Fishline’s food deficiencies fairly easily: fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, yogurt, meat and fish, feminine hygiene products and diapers. Click here for an updated weekly list of our most needed items.

First time visitor to Fishline or in a hurry?

Visit our Quick Guide to Client Eligibility Requirements for answers to frequently asked questions about services and client registration.

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